The drain that fits all.

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The drain that fits all

Our drains

Shuffle Drain has a sliding drain that is unique, it has a width and heighth-adjubstable grating system. Shuffledrain is maintanance friendly and suitable for all grate finishes: Stainless steel, tile, wood, cupper, and many more options!

Drain flange

Can be customized to each size (laser cut).

Standard 1.96 inch Sloped drain body so that water always runs towards the outlet.

Shifted outlet

The drain outlet can be shifted over a distance of 8.1 inch. So obstacles such as beams, electricity wires or conduction pipes, can be easily avoided. Also double outlet sizes available sizes: 51, 55, 59 and 63 inch.

316 grade stainless steel!

With 0.11 inch stainless steel finish we achieve American standards of 300 LBS weight on a graiting.

Custom made finishes

Due to our genius grating system, all finishes are possible: Stainless steel, wood, glass, gold, copper, and many more options!

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